Wildwater Designs

Creators of Innovative Inflatable Watercraft


The Superbug takes the Riverbug to a whole new level. With its smaller, less buoyant tubes and narrower hull, it is designed to be easier to bank, and roll upright if capsized.   

Superbugs have an optional quick-release harness with thigh straps.  The harness attaches the paddler snugly in the Bug, so it becomes an extension of the body. This makes the Superbug extremely manoeuvrable and enhances the ability to play, much like a low buoyancy kayak.   

Learning to Eskimo roll a Superbug is a challenge, like learning to ride a bike. Once mastered, the ability to roll gives a quantum leap in capability and enjoyment. What was once a difficult river becomes an enjoyable playground in the superbug.   

 The other advantage of Superbugs is that they always provide a challenge – once you learn to roll you can be more risqué.   You can do spinning pirouettes down eddy lines, and dive-rolls into micro eddy.   If you can dive-roll into eddies, then you can work on surfing and rolling in breaking waves, and if you can surf and roll in breaking waves, then try hand rolling end-over-end.  If you can hand roll end over end, then you’re as skilled as we are………so make up your own tricks!!   

Superbugs are built of heavy duty materials and weigh approx 15 lbs(7kgs).