Wildwater Designs

Creators of Innovative Inflatable Watercraft


The good old inner tube was our inspiration.  As a basic craft for floating down rivers, inner tubes have been used for nearly a hundred years.  Now the Riverbug takes the tube to a higher form of evolution.

With the Riverbug, Wildwater Designs set out to design a river tube type craft that was capable of running harder river rapids.  The result is a sleek, highly maneuverable, and sturdy craft.  Here are some of the improvements over a basic river tube:

1/  Hydrodynamic hull that is faster and easier to propel.

2/  An armchair shaped seat for maximum comfort, surrounding the body with foam and inflated tubes for comfort and protection from rocks.

3/  A sitting position that enables both efficient kicking with the feet and paddling with the hands.  Small "surfing type" fins are normally worn on the feet for maximum propulsive power.  Webbed gloves are worn when running rivers with rapids.

4/  Easy to climb into from the water without going to the bank, making it easy for self rescue.  It can also be used like a river board.

5/  They can surf on steep breaking river waves.

6/  They can carry gear behind the seat back.

Riverbugs are used by commercial operators as well as for private recreation.