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 There are currently two models of Riverbug:

  1. The Standard Riverbug is the all purpose bug, and is stable and easy to use.   It is the ideal bug for beginners and intermediates to use on a river, whether it is a float trip, or involves rapids.   Experienced bug paddlers can run Grade 3 river rapids in standard Riverbugs.
  2. The Superbug is the high performance craft for those who like to play hard and run harder rivers. (Refer Superbug webpage)



  • Sunny Day Bugging:   A Bug is very easy to get into and out of on the water, so for those hot lazy drift trips a Bug cannot be beaten.
  • Great for Learners:  A Bug is a simple craft for beginners, and with instruction and guidance they can very quickly be running moderately hard rapids.
  • Self Rescue:   If capsized in a rapid, a Bug can be used like a body board to get to the bottom of the rapid, before getting      back in
  • Big on small rivers:   Don’t bludgeon your way down those small rivers on a big raft or cataraft!       Show some finesse and include a Riverbug in your choice of river craft.
  • Easily Carried:   Weighing 14lbs (7kg) they are great for walk in, Bug out trips.
  • Superbugs Rock & Roll:   The high performance Superbug design is the ultimate small inflatable play craft and exceeds what even a high performance inflatable sit-on-top kayak can do. (Check out our Superbug Webpage)




Catarafts and Riverbugs both navigate rivers by ferry-gliding at an angle to the current.  (Refer to “Using a Riverbug” webpage)   A person who has learnt their river skills on one type of craft can more easily transfer to the other.   They also compliment each other.   The catarafts are better on bigger faster rivers, and riverbugs thrive on small rivers with tight technical rapids.   If you are a catarafter and like running small rivers try a riverbug.



Because of their size Riverbugs excel on small rivers. Nevertheless, it is a question of when, not if, famous big water runs like the Grand Canyon will be done in a Bug!



A Riverbug stands ~5 ft high (1.5 m) when on it’s pointed ends.

It weighs 15lbs (7kgs) if constructed of heavy duty materials.

It has a stowage compartment of ~1 cubic foot.

For experienced paddlers a quick release waistband is available for the standard Riverbug, and a quick release harness for the Superbugs.